Monday, July 5, 2010

Wild Horses ~ Post 4th of July Ponderings

Horse-e-cards by: Joni Solis
America's wild mustangs running free ... legendary, iconic symbols of freedom.

Almost from the beginning of time, wild horses have inspired America's petroglyphs, sketches, paintings, photographs, books, stories, songs, movies, imaginations, and dreams!

Yet, even as we celebrate our freedom from tyranny ... tragically our wild horses are losing theirs.

In 1776 our founding fathers of the Continental Congress adopted a Declaration of Independence to preserve and set aside our rights and freedoms as a nation and as individuals.

In 1971, an unprecedented public outcry moved Congress to unanimously pass the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, granting federal protection to America’s wild horses and burros as “living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West […] that […] contribute to the diversity of life forms within the Nation and enrich the lives of the American people."

This Federal legislation, passed by our United States Congress, has been, and is currently being defied and blatantly disregarded.

Not only are the "protected" public lands being taken away and used for private gain ... but the horses themselves are being rounded up, separated from their herds and their families, and thrown into crowded holding facilities, where some die, some get slaughtered, and the lucky ones get adopted!

These egregious, atrocious Federal offenses have been quietly ignored for way too long. America's wild horses desperately need our help! NOW is the time to make our voices be heard!

Our voice does count! It was public outcry that persuaded Congress to legislate protection for our wild horses in the first place ... let's make them hear our cries again. NOW is the time that you and I can make a difference.

WITHOUT YOUR HELP, THE AMERICAN WILD HORSE WILL DISAPPEAR. American Wild Horse Preservation ~ Introduction to wild horse issues, latest news updates, and much, much more!!

The Absolute Best Film about Wild Horses I Ever Hope to See ~ Meet Cloud the Stallion via Soul of a Horse Blog

The Cloud Foundation ~"Dedicated to the preservation of wild horses on our public lands, and the protection of Cloud's herd..."


Sometimes the problems seem so big and we feel that alone we cannot make a difference. Please get involved, together we can achieve great things.
Return to Freedom ~

ADOPT A HORSE ~ Adoption information: BLM's Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program

BECOME A SUPPORTER ~ A bajillion ways to lend your support ~ Return to Freedom ~ Lists of immediate needs ~ and a multitude of opportunities to take action, even at the grocery store! ~ Opportunities for all ages and situations ~ The Challenge: find at least one idea that you can put into action ... NOW!

AWAKEN THE PUBLIC ~ Share the message with as many people as you can ~ on your website, blog, FB, or MySpace ~Tweet it, Digg it, Tumblr or StumbleUpon it ~ You never know where the message will fall upon just the right ear!


MEET THE HORSES ~ Get to "know" these horses, through the eyes of people that spend time with them. Any one of the outstanding people listed below will hook you up with anything you need to help the mustangs.
Tamara Gooch Photography~Wild Horse Gallery ~ One of my favorite photographers of wild mustangs ~ Through her eyes I got my first glimpse of these horses, thus she is a very special FB friend~ Don't miss her main page for other beautiful images of western lifestyle and wildlife.

Jess Lee ~ Wild Horse Photos "Capturing the spirit of the true American West" Be sure to click the link above his photos for more awesome pics

Barbara Wheeler Photography ~ Some of the best up close and personal photos and narratives of the wild horse herds and their families ~ One of my closest FB friends, humane observer and wild horse advocate

Sonja Spaziani ~Wild Wind Art ~ aka Mustang Meg ~ extraordinarily talented graphite artist and writer ~ One of my wildest and most fun FB friends, enthusiastic and knowledgeable advocate for the wild mustangs

Andi Harmon ~Resident Expert and author of
Oregon's Living Legends ~ photos ~ A Study of Oregon's Wild Horses and the Ranges They Roam ~ Highly recommended reading!
*Pam Nickoles Photography ~ Wild Horses ~ A Must Visit! ~ Photos, news, information and links, filmed documentation of BLM "gathers." This gal ties it all together!

*Bev Pettit Fine Art Photography ~ Mustangs ~ Be sure to look at Bev's other work after the mustangs ... wow! Just wow! Her gifts and talents far surpass my words.

You have put Wild Horses deep in my heart and my soul since I can remember. Lord, please use me now to help them, however You will.



Friday, April 9, 2010

Monumental Ride ... Monument Valley UT that is!

Yá’át’ééh (Navajo Greeting)

Merrick Butte-Monument Valley UT ... photo: myshilohranch

After our delicious brunch of a fresh Navajo taco (yu-um!) and hamburgers at the Stagecoach Dining Room; we checked out of Goulding's Lodge, and mosied across the highway. Can one actually "mosey" in a car???

We leisurely drove out to the Monument Valley NavajoTribal Park; which is part of the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation. Note: See the website for hours, entry fees and details.

First we checked out the beautiful, recently opened hotel, The View at Monument Valley. These are the only accommodations on the edge of the Valley itself. The View is a peaceful, fully appointed 5 Star hotel with unsurpassed views from every room. It is very popular, book reservations well ahead of your travels! The View experience would definitely be worth the splurge! Next visit, for us ... Lord willing.

Btw: this area is a paradise for photographers, painters, artists and stargazers from all over the world. World class pros to amateur beginners and hobbyists.

Then we browsed the small Museum/Visitor Center and the huge Trading Post adjoining the hotel. Both were wonderful. The Trading Post has the most beautiful collection of authentic Navajo handmade jewelry I have ever seen! WHOA! Much better than Disneyland for me! Bring your AmEx and your bib (for the drooling)! Speaking of drooling ... The View Restaurant boasts a 5 Star Chef.!

Outside there are many different outfits offering guided tours of the Valley - jeep, horseback, walking, hiking, bed and breakfast in a Hogan, or custom arrangements.

We signed up with "Black's Tours" for a 2 hour ride into cowboy/girl heaven.

Let's see, this is KJ's mount, looking at the camera.

The guy in the white hat is "calming down" my horse,Sam, on the far left. Click on pictures: they're all falling asleep! *snicker* Above: CJ is up and getting her stirrups adjusted: she is lovin' it already.

The Navajo guides hooked us up with Charley, Shadow, and ... Sam.

Sam was the slowest old thing on four legs ... my horse, of course! Somehow fitting ....
Or, as my dear daughter remarked, "they gave the old horse to the old lady." ... hrmph ...

Actually, Sam was a great mount for the "photographer." Slow, steady, consistent ... I could drop the reins and shoot, at will. He wasn't goin' anywhere in any hurry.

Praising GOD for His AWESOME creations!! This valley, the colors, textures, plants, rock formations, history ... everything is absolutely wonder-full!
Here we are: The Three Amigas!
We are some HAPPY chicas!!! Will Rogers once said, "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man." This applies to women too; we can vouch for that!

CJ says she will have her own horse one day .... sounds familiar ...
This is the very same ground that John Wayne and many other stars rode on, in multitudes of movies! Many of my Western Cowboy heroes shot films out here.

Riding a horse on this land was one of my dreams come true! Red dirt is definitely what my dreams are made of! I will scratch this off of my "bucket" list ... but,
I would love one more ride ...

Next time, however, we may use a different outfit.
These horses were very well broke, but in very shaggy and some in shabby condition. The poor cayuse I was riding, wheezed with any extra exertion; poor guy. I was still wheezy from Cali, so we were a great pair! hahaha
My mare Julie sure would have loved this country ... she was the same color as this dirt! She loved the wide open spaces as much as I do! Ahh ... Miss Julie, I miss you my friend.

Some areas were a little steep for our taste ...

We know ... we are sissy girls ... but we are getting braver! Hey, some of those trails up there are narrow!
I can almost hear cowboys begin to sing and strum their guitars ...
So peaceful and relaxed ... I SO needed this!
As we ride off into the sunset ... the credits begin to roll ...
... and the old Republic film flickers to a stop!

Happy Trails, Saddle Pals!

Until we meet again!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


The tomb is empty!!!!

... the very reason we live and move and have our being!!!

HIS Love for us is beyond our human comprehension.

May we remember how much Jesus suffered for us ... for the JOY that was set before Him!

That joy was ME and YOU!!!

Whoa!!! HALLELUJAH! And a heartfelt YEE HAW!!!!!

Click here for more ... get to go break bread with my family in a few minutes!

Bless GOD and thank HIM today and every day!!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


HAPPY ♥ Valentines' Day ♥ Saddle Pals!'
Just a little holiday fun here... click on pics to enlarge

SR Johnny Valentine ~ fixin' to stir up some trouble ...err... fun

Comin' on in ... look out!

Got more up his sleeve...just look at that naughty face!

Johnny Valentine ... shakin' his tail feather at ya ...!

WHOA!!! ... I bought Johnny around Valentines' Day, 23 years ago, and took him home a few weeks later ... until just now, I never thought of his name being connected to the Scripture!

What an awesome and perfect "COINCIDENCE!" Oh my .... Johnny Valentine ... you are indeed special to my heart! I knew you survived that nasty West Nile Virus for a special reason!

The GREATEST Valentine that I ever received: John 3:16 ♥

"For God SO loved the world that He GAVE His only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believes in Him should NOT perish, but have EVERLASTING LIFE."

Well, I am just a little "undone" here .... if you would like to try my Valentines' Day Challenge: click here.

♥ Tell everyone that you love, that you do love them today!!!!

PS: If you haven't received God's Valentine yet ... please, read John 3:16 ... and, keep reading ...

Happy Trails

♥ From Sue, Romore, Johnny V, Hoss, Sadie, and Ricochet

Friday, November 13, 2009

Too Busy to Roll?

Heeeyyyy ... howwwww are yaaaaa?

I cannot believe that it has been a whole year since my last post on theTriple C blog! I must be gettin' on ... or do you suppose that time could actually be speeding up? Seems like it, that's for sure. The space/time continuum may actually be changing, as we near the last days. Nevertheless, the sad reality is that we, as a people, are just plain too busy!

Our days (as well as our minds) are so full of "stuff" that the world makes us deal with ... all the extra steps we have to take to get every little thing done nowadays. Stuff that robs us of being able to savor the "moments" of our lives!

I'd like to "savor the moment" hold still, will ya?
God's natural critters just are not concerned with all of that ... are they? Critters have a different approach to life. We can learn much from them.
For this post, I will just share some recent fun pictures and thoughts. I will retro back when I am afforded more time. Oops, there is that busyness, already. Or is it that pesky prioritizing thing? Work first ... then write? It is a fine line ...

For some reason, my boys like to drop at my feet and roll, before they go off to frisk. These guys are retired and don't rush into anything. I like that idea! In fact, now that I think of it, a good roll isn't a half-bad idea ... retired or not!
As I amuse myself with this thought, I am reminded of Turquoise Moon's post on "Allow More Time to Go Places and Do Things. Rushing is not a good habit to get into. We really could benefit from making time for that roll before getting down to the business of the day.
A roll stretches you out, "adjusts" your spine and, obviously, feels really good ... but it also rubs off a lot of the old dust and dirt that has collected on you, mostly on your back! Because you can't reach back there, sometimes crud (from who-knows-where) builds up and packs itself clean down to your backbone! Sometimes, even a good washin' doesn't get that last layer off. Unless someone else does the scrubbin' (or you find a good low branch) a good roll is probably the next best thing to a&m!
People sometimes "dish dirt" at us, usually behind our backs. Don't you think some of that filth sticks on us? Sometimes things perch above us, or fly over us, and drop their "bombs" on our back. (omigosh, I can think of a few of these) Many of us carry heavy burdens on our backs and can't seem to let go of them. A roll will loosen all that junk, so we can get it off of us!
Sometimes it rains on us. The rain mixes with the stuff on our back ... it sticks to our skin and hardens. We stiffen our back ... the yuk flakes and itches. We don't even remember what's back there; we just feel touchy and uncomfortable. We flinch if anything (or anyone) touches our back.
Wow, there are many analogies ... but I have amassed enough information to look deeper into the theraputic benefits of the horse roll for human beings.
Here we go:
Find a soft space, make sure the ground smells right (important step)
Bend at the knees ... now roll onto your side ... stretch out your legs ... there you go ...
Roll onto your back ... then side to side ...
It is said that a 50 cent cayuse only rolls on one side at a time ... whereas, you got yourself a dollar horse ... if he rolls all the way over!
OK ... lay there a minute, bask in the moment ...
Then, gather your legs up under you, tuck your tail in ...
And p-u-l-l yourself up!
Lower your head/give your whole body a really good shake!
From your head, all the way out to your fingertips and toes (or hoofs, paws, or claws!)
OFF flies the dirt and dust! That pack of bricks is gone! Those stickery burrs, brush and bramble pieces blow away!
YEE HAW!!! Rear up ... kick out your heels, throw out your arms (or forelegs) ...
Take off running, with as much energy as you can muster ...
Sliding into a smooth quick stop when you are done. YESSSS!
Hey, maybe I did stumble onto something here ... hahahahahaha
It sure looks enjoyable! Except for the "lather" you probably worked up. Phew! Be sure to walk your body temp down ... slowly andf calmly. Follow-up with a nice hose down (or shower) brisk toweling and a soothing curry ... err, rub down ....
It is probably best to try this as an indoor exercise ... the neighbors just might freak and call 911.
The roll could also be a great mental exercise, for relieving stress. It could be done almost anywhere! OK, I know, I've gone a little far with this ... but why not?? The Bible says that "A merry heart does good like medicine ..."
My boys are getting their winter coats and are a little chubby right now, due to lack of regular workouts ... hmmm, not unlike myself. Unfortunately, busyness does not equal exercise! Quite the opposite: stress clogs things up, adds fat around the middle, breaks down muscle ....
YIKES! I'd better get myself out in the round pen! *wink*
See you on down the trail ... buckeroos!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Disastrous, Not-Good, Quite Unpleasant, Yet Very Remarkable Day

Shiloh's Murphy of Vista Real - Jack Russell Terrier (before)
Recently recovered from surgery to remove the hardware from my repaired elbow, I was very happy to be back to work! In the early morning of my fourth day back, I walked my Staffy (Hoss) before leaving for work ..... and, well, let's just say: that was the beginning of a disastrous, not-good, quite-unpleasant, yet very remarkable day!

My daughter, HisGirl, did a wonderful job of reporting the morning's catastrophes. Hop on over, catch up, have a little laugh on me. While you're there, shout out a little howdy to my firstborn child, favorite and only daughter!

CAUTION: Below, I am about to show pictures of my poor little "Frankendoggie" with stitches. They are not too graphic. These were taken about halfway through his recovery. If it creeps you out too much - don't click on the small picture! If not, be my guest: you can see how close my Murphy came to losing his life! I actually didn't catch all the injuries in the pics either!

I can't totally blame Sadie (the fawn boxer), for attacking Murphy. As typical of his breed, our little JRT doesn't know he is a small dog (shhh). He chose to do the attacking and not back down. I actually think they were both fiercely trying to protect me. All of my "pack" circled around me when I was on the ground - they KNEW I was hurt. Both of these dogs are very possessive of me too! I do blame her for not letting go, when I commanded her. She would NOT call off! She was determined to finish that vicious little varmint off. Really scary and tramatic, it was! Surreal now.

Sadie is going to need special care and caution from now on. I have no doubt that she will do Murph in, if she gets another chance. Because, of course, Murphy still wants to show her that he is the Ranch Boss! He strutted over to the walk-in kennel and growled at her as soon as he got out of the hospital! The boy obviously has no discernment or wisdom, but he does have grit!

Sadie is so sweet and gentle with our little Rattie (Ricochet); they are best-friend play-partners! Quite a couple, I might add! They really are playing gently with one another in the picture, and they make all sorts of weird moaning sounds, as they mouth each other ... odd doggies! However, now I do not completely trust her, even with him. She is very gentle, cuddly and affectionate with the grandchildren, of course they are 9-14 now. I would not now want her around small children, just in case. :/
Any ranch-readers out there with similar experiences? I could sure use help with this situation! I don't want to pass this beautiful boxer-girl on to a 3rd home, if I can avoid it. You may have read that I rescued Sadie from a shelter about a year ago. Click here for background stories on most of the Ranch Hounds. I now have to manage many shift changes, so the 2 guilty parties are never allowed physical access to one another. Grrrr.

Murphy looks and feels SO much better now. *BIG sigh* He will always have a lump on his throat, to remind us. :) But he is back to his old grumpy, bossy self! Hallelujah!

OK, the GOOD news in all of this!

~ Thanks to Hoss' warning, I did catch Sadie just in the nick of time.

~ Thanks to God, I was able to pull her off of Murphy, in my "crippled" state.
~ Thanks to God, their was no crowd in the doggie ER.

~ Thanks to Amber, she got Murph right in, while I waited in the car!
~ Thanks to God, no crowd in the human ER either (a very rare event out here)! WE were in and out with x-rays and the whole shot in less than 2 hours!!!! MIRACULOUS!!!
~ Thanks to God, Amber got to make all of her appointments in perfect time.
~ Though a wanky way, I was able to be home with Murphy to treat his wounds.
~ Though not too mobile, I have been able to be home (which I LOVE) and get lots of rest ... yummm!

~ AND ... shhhh ... I was able to go to my son's wedding in Las Vegas and spend quality time with both of my grandsons, individually! I will catch you up on our adventures on Shiloh Ranch Ramblings soon!
~ MAJOR props to God for using my precious children to take such good care of me, throughout all of this debacle! They sacrificed their time and resources to help us when we so needed it, without even grumbling! Thank you kiddos, I love you more than you know!

PS: I get to go back to work tomorrow!!!! HURRAY? Yes, hurray for His provision; it has been lean around here! lol ... not me of course, I am the opposite of lean, after laying around so much. It will be good for me to get back to work. :)

~ So all in all, it was, indeed, a very remarkable day with a very remarkable outcome and a great story to boot!!! ~
I know I am taking this Scripture out of context (which I do not recommend for doctrine)
but it seems so fitting for this post:

" ... they will fight against you, but they shall not prevail against you;
for I am with you to save you and deliver you,"says the LORD.
"I will deliver you from the hand of the wicked,
and I will redeem you from the grip of the terrible. ..."
~Jeremiah 15:20-21~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meet Ricochet aka Rick-O-Shay ~ Rat Terrier

CJ and KJ with Ricochet

I finally got somewhat decent pictures of "Ricky." Better late than never? Do you remember (or have you read) "Yard Sale Find?" Click here for the original posting.

Ricochet definitely is a Rat Terrier, although he has yet to show even the slightest interest in "ratting!" No one can seem to spell "Ricochet," so his alias is "Rick-O-Shay." He quite resembles our 'Ranch Boss', Murphy, the J.R.T. Their markings, colorings and size are very similar ... except Rick's ears stand straight up, he has a more refined build, and a tri face.

Murphy and his sidekick Ricky ~ happy ranchdogs!

This little guy was likely bred to show. You can't tell here, but he is very well put together. He also inherited the characteristic rattie 'grit' that he needs for our gang. He is always happy, willing to please, and so athletic, that I think he would excel at "agility" classes! If we only had time to do everything. *sigh*

Little 'Prince' Ricochet has put on a noticable amount of weight, since joining up with this outfit! Especially after we had him neutered! His little ribs no longer even show (which is a good thing!) He was way too thin when we found him.

He fit in with the Shiloh Ranch Bunch right from the gate. He is very handsome, good, loving, smart, funny, forgiving, adaptable, and pleasantly odd. He quickly endears himself to everyone who meets him. He has a wild and free, yet very sweet "spirit."

Ricochet and Sadie

Quite the little character, he runs and wrangles (and cuddles) with the two biggest dogs on the Ranch, the AmStaff and the Boxer. He keeps right up with them and manages to maintain a 'big-dog' persona.Even our stallion tolerates him already! His kindess begets him much grace! Thank God, from Whom all grace comes!

Ricky and Hoss

This little pooch is a force to be reckoned with as well. As a member of the Shiloh Ranch Rangers, he has come up to task as a 'formidable' guard-dog. He has a big, low-toned growl and is very protective of his land, ranch family and stock.
Have you ever seen a little dog, jack his mouth open SO wide?
Believe it or not, these guys are playing, GENTLY!

God SO blesses man and beast, with kindness, love, sweet affection, joy, humor, and faithfulness through this little bundle of 'rat dog' energy!

The grandkids ADORE Ricky, which naturally makes Murphy jealous. He is NOT used to sharing the prized position of being the children's favorite; nor does he like it! There is quite an age span betwixt the two, as well: Murphy is a 'mature' 9 years and Ricky a rambunctious 1 year old!

However, even Murph is now softening towards this citified "greenhorn." That is a another good thing, as they are the only 'littles' around here!

They partner-up for morning and evening varmint-patrols of the barn and property and keep the horses in line. VERY cute!

When Chevelle (our other boxer) was reunited with her Marine family, the Rickster was promoted to permanent crew.

I just love how the Lord works everything out perfectly, don't you?!!

Anyway, there - we're finally caught up. Whew!