Monday, July 5, 2010

Wild Horses ~ Post 4th of July Ponderings

Horse-e-cards by: Joni Solis
America's wild mustangs running free ... legendary, iconic symbols of freedom.

Almost from the beginning of time, wild horses have inspired America's petroglyphs, sketches, paintings, photographs, books, stories, songs, movies, imaginations, and dreams!

Yet, even as we celebrate our freedom from tyranny ... tragically our wild horses are losing theirs.

In 1776 our founding fathers of the Continental Congress adopted a Declaration of Independence to preserve and set aside our rights and freedoms as a nation and as individuals.

In 1971, an unprecedented public outcry moved Congress to unanimously pass the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, granting federal protection to America’s wild horses and burros as “living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West […] that […] contribute to the diversity of life forms within the Nation and enrich the lives of the American people."

This Federal legislation, passed by our United States Congress, has been, and is currently being defied and blatantly disregarded.

Not only are the "protected" public lands being taken away and used for private gain ... but the horses themselves are being rounded up, separated from their herds and their families, and thrown into crowded holding facilities, where some die, some get slaughtered, and the lucky ones get adopted!

These egregious, atrocious Federal offenses have been quietly ignored for way too long. America's wild horses desperately need our help! NOW is the time to make our voices be heard!

Our voice does count! It was public outcry that persuaded Congress to legislate protection for our wild horses in the first place ... let's make them hear our cries again. NOW is the time that you and I can make a difference.

WITHOUT YOUR HELP, THE AMERICAN WILD HORSE WILL DISAPPEAR. American Wild Horse Preservation ~ Introduction to wild horse issues, latest news updates, and much, much more!!

The Absolute Best Film about Wild Horses I Ever Hope to See ~ Meet Cloud the Stallion via Soul of a Horse Blog

The Cloud Foundation ~"Dedicated to the preservation of wild horses on our public lands, and the protection of Cloud's herd..."


Sometimes the problems seem so big and we feel that alone we cannot make a difference. Please get involved, together we can achieve great things.
Return to Freedom ~

ADOPT A HORSE ~ Adoption information: BLM's Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program

BECOME A SUPPORTER ~ A bajillion ways to lend your support ~ Return to Freedom ~ Lists of immediate needs ~ and a multitude of opportunities to take action, even at the grocery store! ~ Opportunities for all ages and situations ~ The Challenge: find at least one idea that you can put into action ... NOW!

AWAKEN THE PUBLIC ~ Share the message with as many people as you can ~ on your website, blog, FB, or MySpace ~Tweet it, Digg it, Tumblr or StumbleUpon it ~ You never know where the message will fall upon just the right ear!


MEET THE HORSES ~ Get to "know" these horses, through the eyes of people that spend time with them. Any one of the outstanding people listed below will hook you up with anything you need to help the mustangs.
Tamara Gooch Photography~Wild Horse Gallery ~ One of my favorite photographers of wild mustangs ~ Through her eyes I got my first glimpse of these horses, thus she is a very special FB friend~ Don't miss her main page for other beautiful images of western lifestyle and wildlife.

Jess Lee ~ Wild Horse Photos "Capturing the spirit of the true American West" Be sure to click the link above his photos for more awesome pics

Barbara Wheeler Photography ~ Some of the best up close and personal photos and narratives of the wild horse herds and their families ~ One of my closest FB friends, humane observer and wild horse advocate

Sonja Spaziani ~Wild Wind Art ~ aka Mustang Meg ~ extraordinarily talented graphite artist and writer ~ One of my wildest and most fun FB friends, enthusiastic and knowledgeable advocate for the wild mustangs

Andi Harmon ~Resident Expert and author of
Oregon's Living Legends ~ photos ~ A Study of Oregon's Wild Horses and the Ranges They Roam ~ Highly recommended reading!
*Pam Nickoles Photography ~ Wild Horses ~ A Must Visit! ~ Photos, news, information and links, filmed documentation of BLM "gathers." This gal ties it all together!

*Bev Pettit Fine Art Photography ~ Mustangs ~ Be sure to look at Bev's other work after the mustangs ... wow! Just wow! Her gifts and talents far surpass my words.

You have put Wild Horses deep in my heart and my soul since I can remember. Lord, please use me now to help them, however You will.




Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for this very important post. The population of Human Beings continues to explode like locusts, yet every animal we start to crowd out becomes a 'burdon' to us and has to be eradicated. It's a sad, sad, state of affairs.

MyShilohRanch said...

My pleasure Kristy, thanks for your comment ... and mostly thanks for being concerned for our wild mustangs!

There was an old quote, something like: "As go the animals, so go the humans." You are so right, Kristy, if we don't speak up, these amazing, noble, beautiful animals will be eradicated! What does that say for us??

The good news is ... there is hope for their future, as well as ours, if we all work together.

Thanks again for your support! :D

carla's gateway said...

Wild horses..... sooooo lovely.... so symbolic! I agree, "defiant and disregarding".... often said in my heart about those who should be the vanguards of this great land.... and yet them seem to simply be the locusts on the abundance. I till check out your other info. Thanks, also for your "morning manna" :)

MyShilohRanch said...

Oh Carla, you are SO right! "Locusts on our abundance" is exactly what they are! It is getting horrifyingly worse for our wild ones :(

Public viewing is now almost completely barred, they hold secret round-ups, covertly and illegally ship our horses across our borders to slaughter ... they send armed security anytime news and or humane observers do come to their orchestrated "events." And much more ....

Unfortunately, it all starts at the top. Our President, whom I am required to pray for, does business in the exact same way as the government agencies that he appoints. Coincidence? I think not! (Phooey, now I feel convicted that I don't pray often enough for our President...gonna have to beef it up)

One thing for sure, the LORD raised up these people to be end-time players ... so we know this all works for good, somehow!

One of my FaceBook friends said, "This is no longer the America that I grew up in." Sadly so true.

It IS a different day and there IS definitely a new "normal." Woo hoo (not!) As human beings, and citizens of this Nation, we ALL need to stand up, speak up, and exercise our liberty to VOTE ... NEXT MONTH!!!!

ps: I apologize for my brevity here! :D" hahahahahahaha
May our God bless you, and your family abundantly, Carla ... XO