Friday, November 13, 2009

Too Busy to Roll?

Heeeyyyy ... howwwww are yaaaaa?

I cannot believe that it has been a whole year since my last post on theTriple C blog! I must be gettin' on ... or do you suppose that time could actually be speeding up? Seems like it, that's for sure. The space/time continuum may actually be changing, as we near the last days. Nevertheless, the sad reality is that we, as a people, are just plain too busy!

Our days (as well as our minds) are so full of "stuff" that the world makes us deal with ... all the extra steps we have to take to get every little thing done nowadays. Stuff that robs us of being able to savor the "moments" of our lives!

I'd like to "savor the moment" hold still, will ya?
God's natural critters just are not concerned with all of that ... are they? Critters have a different approach to life. We can learn much from them.
For this post, I will just share some recent fun pictures and thoughts. I will retro back when I am afforded more time. Oops, there is that busyness, already. Or is it that pesky prioritizing thing? Work first ... then write? It is a fine line ...

For some reason, my boys like to drop at my feet and roll, before they go off to frisk. These guys are retired and don't rush into anything. I like that idea! In fact, now that I think of it, a good roll isn't a half-bad idea ... retired or not!
As I amuse myself with this thought, I am reminded of Turquoise Moon's post on "Allow More Time to Go Places and Do Things. Rushing is not a good habit to get into. We really could benefit from making time for that roll before getting down to the business of the day.
A roll stretches you out, "adjusts" your spine and, obviously, feels really good ... but it also rubs off a lot of the old dust and dirt that has collected on you, mostly on your back! Because you can't reach back there, sometimes crud (from who-knows-where) builds up and packs itself clean down to your backbone! Sometimes, even a good washin' doesn't get that last layer off. Unless someone else does the scrubbin' (or you find a good low branch) a good roll is probably the next best thing to a&m!
People sometimes "dish dirt" at us, usually behind our backs. Don't you think some of that filth sticks on us? Sometimes things perch above us, or fly over us, and drop their "bombs" on our back. (omigosh, I can think of a few of these) Many of us carry heavy burdens on our backs and can't seem to let go of them. A roll will loosen all that junk, so we can get it off of us!
Sometimes it rains on us. The rain mixes with the stuff on our back ... it sticks to our skin and hardens. We stiffen our back ... the yuk flakes and itches. We don't even remember what's back there; we just feel touchy and uncomfortable. We flinch if anything (or anyone) touches our back.
Wow, there are many analogies ... but I have amassed enough information to look deeper into the theraputic benefits of the horse roll for human beings.
Here we go:
Find a soft space, make sure the ground smells right (important step)
Bend at the knees ... now roll onto your side ... stretch out your legs ... there you go ...
Roll onto your back ... then side to side ...
It is said that a 50 cent cayuse only rolls on one side at a time ... whereas, you got yourself a dollar horse ... if he rolls all the way over!
OK ... lay there a minute, bask in the moment ...
Then, gather your legs up under you, tuck your tail in ...
And p-u-l-l yourself up!
Lower your head/give your whole body a really good shake!
From your head, all the way out to your fingertips and toes (or hoofs, paws, or claws!)
OFF flies the dirt and dust! That pack of bricks is gone! Those stickery burrs, brush and bramble pieces blow away!
YEE HAW!!! Rear up ... kick out your heels, throw out your arms (or forelegs) ...
Take off running, with as much energy as you can muster ...
Sliding into a smooth quick stop when you are done. YESSSS!
Hey, maybe I did stumble onto something here ... hahahahahaha
It sure looks enjoyable! Except for the "lather" you probably worked up. Phew! Be sure to walk your body temp down ... slowly andf calmly. Follow-up with a nice hose down (or shower) brisk toweling and a soothing curry ... err, rub down ....
It is probably best to try this as an indoor exercise ... the neighbors just might freak and call 911.
The roll could also be a great mental exercise, for relieving stress. It could be done almost anywhere! OK, I know, I've gone a little far with this ... but why not?? The Bible says that "A merry heart does good like medicine ..."
My boys are getting their winter coats and are a little chubby right now, due to lack of regular workouts ... hmmm, not unlike myself. Unfortunately, busyness does not equal exercise! Quite the opposite: stress clogs things up, adds fat around the middle, breaks down muscle ....
YIKES! I'd better get myself out in the round pen! *wink*
See you on down the trail ... buckeroos!


Seoras said...

This is cool!....and fun!

Seoras said...

This is cool!....and

MyShilohRanch said...

Thanks, Seoras ... everyone needs a good roll, now and then ;D