Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meet Ricochet aka Rick-O-Shay ~ Rat Terrier

CJ and KJ with Ricochet

I finally got somewhat decent pictures of "Ricky." Better late than never? Do you remember (or have you read) "Yard Sale Find?" Click here for the original posting.

Ricochet definitely is a Rat Terrier, although he has yet to show even the slightest interest in "ratting!" No one can seem to spell "Ricochet," so his alias is "Rick-O-Shay." He quite resembles our 'Ranch Boss', Murphy, the J.R.T. Their markings, colorings and size are very similar ... except Rick's ears stand straight up, he has a more refined build, and a tri face.

Murphy and his sidekick Ricky ~ happy ranchdogs!

This little guy was likely bred to show. You can't tell here, but he is very well put together. He also inherited the characteristic rattie 'grit' that he needs for our gang. He is always happy, willing to please, and so athletic, that I think he would excel at "agility" classes! If we only had time to do everything. *sigh*

Little 'Prince' Ricochet has put on a noticable amount of weight, since joining up with this outfit! Especially after we had him neutered! His little ribs no longer even show (which is a good thing!) He was way too thin when we found him.

He fit in with the Shiloh Ranch Bunch right from the gate. He is very handsome, good, loving, smart, funny, forgiving, adaptable, and pleasantly odd. He quickly endears himself to everyone who meets him. He has a wild and free, yet very sweet "spirit."

Ricochet and Sadie

Quite the little character, he runs and wrangles (and cuddles) with the two biggest dogs on the Ranch, the AmStaff and the Boxer. He keeps right up with them and manages to maintain a 'big-dog' persona.Even our stallion tolerates him already! His kindess begets him much grace! Thank God, from Whom all grace comes!

Ricky and Hoss

This little pooch is a force to be reckoned with as well. As a member of the Shiloh Ranch Rangers, he has come up to task as a 'formidable' guard-dog. He has a big, low-toned growl and is very protective of his land, ranch family and stock.
Have you ever seen a little dog, jack his mouth open SO wide?
Believe it or not, these guys are playing, GENTLY!

God SO blesses man and beast, with kindness, love, sweet affection, joy, humor, and faithfulness through this little bundle of 'rat dog' energy!

The grandkids ADORE Ricky, which naturally makes Murphy jealous. He is NOT used to sharing the prized position of being the children's favorite; nor does he like it! There is quite an age span betwixt the two, as well: Murphy is a 'mature' 9 years and Ricky a rambunctious 1 year old!

However, even Murph is now softening towards this citified "greenhorn." That is a another good thing, as they are the only 'littles' around here!

They partner-up for morning and evening varmint-patrols of the barn and property and keep the horses in line. VERY cute!

When Chevelle (our other boxer) was reunited with her Marine family, the Rickster was promoted to permanent crew.

I just love how the Lord works everything out perfectly, don't you?!!

Anyway, there - we're finally caught up. Whew!


GateWay said...

oh my goodness... yes, I think you could be right about the being bred for show... his conformation is very nice! your "ranch hands" are quite unique and totally adorable! have a great end of October... leading up to a ThanfuLLLLLLLL Thanksgiving.

His Girl said...

that little dog has captured the hearts of my girlies. they love him so much and it's so cool that you share your ranch life with them.